Making it "The" Venue!

Posted on: May 26, 2015

 I’ve heard it dozens of times, “I don’t like such and such venue because of the ….” You fill in the blank wall color, carpeting, wood work etc. That’s a really hard thing for me to hear. Being an offsite caterer for several years, I catered in some fabulous venues and then there was the garage with oil stains on the concrete floor and the barn with live animals still in it! The one thing that I’ve learned is any and I do mean any building/venue/barn can be turned into a wedding venue. The resources to take something with décor issues and turn into a spectacular venue are many but first let’s be realistic. Look around at the building are the things that bother you really noticeable when the tables and chairs are set out and the lights are turned low? Sure maybe that wall color you wouldn’t put in your home but will it matter when the guests are seated? Those are a couple of the questions you need to ask yourself. Next to consider how much are you willing to spend? Draping is a wonderful way to create new walls and ceiling, I’ve been lucky enough to watch Kim Fitzpatrick with Fitz the Occasion turn a room into a palace if you want to create a totally new environment then draping is the best way. Call and get a couple of bids but make sure it’s with a company that does Draping full time or you may end up with draping that looks like it should be in a convention center.

Up lighting can really affect a room giving you a change of wall color without painting the walls! Many DJ companies have up lights as part of their package. Up lighting can be creative and really set the atmosphere so make sure to see examples of up lights and effects.

Not many people are really familiar with staging. I worked a large event, the walls while painted were concrete block it really gave the place a school cafeteria feel. We hired a plant rental place to bring in assorted foliage and the change was drastic. From barrels to doors and windows staging companies offer a wide assortment of items and ways to change a room. I love Cincinnati Rustic Rentals for items that I can decorate with or change a room.

Whatever, you decide staging, up lighting or draping love your location and make it yours.