My friend can bake it!

Posted on: June 12, 2015

wedding cake!

My friend can bake it!


We in the wedding industry worry when those words are spoken.  The term professional brings with it the certainty that the product or service you are getting is going to meet your expectations. We all know there can be problems even from a professional. But to be honest, I’ve never seen a professional cake fall over or fall apart. However, sadly I’ve seen several “friend” cakes crack, fall or crumble.

 Having a non-professional bake your wedding cake may seem like a great money saver but with all the available alternatives such as pies, cookies and cupcakes it seems like a risky decision to have a friend bake the cake. Some retail stores like Sam’s and Costco provide wedding cake services.  Another money saver is to have a professional bake a one or two tier cake for show and the cake cutting pictures,  serve the guests sheet cake, cut by the catering staff. It saves money and if the cake is cut behind the scene no one will be any wiser.

Several years ago we catered a very high end wedding, the bride and groom wonderful, the room fantastic and the cake, not so good. It was made by a friend as the wedding gift. Since the wedding had 400 hundred guests you can imagine the size of the cake, transported by car in August over a 125 mile journey. So the cake arrives, set up by the friend and her husband. All looked good for about an hour. The bride and groom had arrived early as the ceremony was on site. As I’m walking with the bride, she wants to see the cake. We are standing talking about how great it looks when suddenly the whole cake splits, from the top layer down with half of the back of the cake hitting the floor. To say our jaws dropped is an understatement. So we move the remaining cake to a corner so no one could see the fallen back, got the friend baker to touch up the front for photos and ran to the nearest grocery story for 10 bakery cakes to cut. The reception went off without any issues and we looked wonderful for the service we provided but the Friend that baked the cake was miserable and embarrassed. Leaving the reception before the cake was cut. I’m certain my bride would have preferred her friend to stay and enjoy the evening rather leaving upset. So, keep your friends as friends and let a professional do the baking!

I found a great article (a little long but worth the time) on the history of cakes.

Also when you have a chance check out our cake providers on our vendors list. Their websites are listed for you to visit.