Corporate Events

We understand the Corporate planners position, need to have a great event on a budget to please corporate headquarters or a boss. There are a lot of details in planning a corporate event. Having several years experience planning events for companies such as G.E. , Duke Energy and Mercy Hospital has allowed us the experience to help you make the best planning choice. Below is a list of the features that will make your Corporate event successful;

* Training in one room then move the guests to another room for a company celebration not a problem.

* Audio and Visual equipment is available for each room if needed.

* Optional classroom style setting

* Extra wide doors, large equipment can be moved around the venue with ease.

* Break out space is available for smaller groups.

* Customized Menus and Bar service for the corporate client. Snack Bars and Beverage Bars for mid-day energy boost.

* Private space for proprietary conversations.

* Supplies list for pre-purchase to ensure your attendees have what they need.

* Stage with up lighting for presentations.